GPT67 – Autumn

Los Dientes de Navarino promotes itself as “the world’s southernmost hiking trail”. Located on the Navarino isle at the southernmost tip of the American continent, this might hold true (unlike half a dozen restaurants in Patagonia calling themselves “Fin del Mundo” ;). The GPT includes it as section 67 and – unsurprisingly – extends itContinue reading “GPT67 – Autumn”

GPT45 – Torres del Paine

Though we have hiked more than 600 kilometers on what’s called the “Greater Patagonian Trail”, we didn’t travel in Patagonia yet. We stayed fairly north, where the weather is dry and stable in the summer months. In Patagonia though, the weather gods are fickle and may swap pleasantly sunny for freezingly snowy in less thanContinue reading “GPT45 – Torres del Paine”

GPT12 – Some wind and rain

At some point, things start to feel familiar. Climb up above the treeline, enjoy great 360 views after reaching a windy peak or pass. Descend to a verdant valley where the piñones drop on the ground around you when strong gusts of wind bend the araucarias’ branches. Arrieros come over for a pleasant chat, orContinue reading “GPT12 – Some wind and rain”

GPT08 – Steam, Sights & Shoes

When we mentioned that the highest mountain in Belgium is about 700 metres tall, we were sharing a perfect temperature hot spring with three adventorous Chileans. They smiled, and I could see them think “No wonder these tourists like our mountains a lot.” And maybe it’s true – the historic center of Bruges was notContinue reading “GPT08 – Steam, Sights & Shoes”